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Welcome to Walfas-Club! We are a club, so we have to have rules.

1. All work must be made using Walfas Create.swf, or we won't accept it.
2. Don't upload anything offensive, but violence is perfectly fine.
3. We know you love your 'waifu', but please do not submit any pictures of a touhou character with hearts in their eyes to you, or you with hearts in your eyes to them or any other love related thing.
4.Have fun!
5.Don't bitch about small things, or find yourself warned.


Bubblegum Bitch



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Well prior to this announcement, a few people have already leaked the news on the main Walfas chat, at first it was going to be a surprised. Then I figured, I don't want to put people under cardiac arrest yet.

So uhmmm yeah, I'm making it DeviantART official.
Most of you didn't know but :iconaeronator: has been talking about stepping down as the head mod of the main chat for quite some time. The day has come just yesterday, that he has stepped down and has picked a successor...

That's right, I am the new head mod of the Walfas Skype chat. So if you have a problem in the main chat, you go to me...I mean honestly this shouldn't be much of a change when it comes to who is now head mod.  

With that being said, now that I am head, everything regarding the main Skype chat will be announced in here. Good ol' :iconwalfas-club: . Don't expect a lot of announcement though but I AM OPENING UP THE GATES!
As far as I am concerned, :iconwalfasstationwagon:'s U-HAUL chat is not as lively as it use to be, So the Walfas Main Chat is opening our gates for our sister-club members who wants to meet new people. My goal as the head mod is to bring the community as a whole together. I mean, I don't like factions, I feel like WC1, WC2 and WSW people are entirely different people.  LET'S GET COMFY WITH EACH OTHER!

However, with powers transferring one thing is for sure. Just because you were banned under Aero doesn't mean you're not banned under me. So if you've been banned on the main chat before, you're never going to come ever. You know, to make things easier for everyone. And now, we go to the


1. The main role of the chat is to share ideas that everyone can relate to. Posting random irrelevant stuff that does not contribute to the chat positively is unacceptable. Another is to be considerate to others, do not boast about yourself or whatever you make unless it truly lives up to its hype.

2. Only mods and head mod have the power to add people in and remove people. If you want to add your friend to the main chat, you must notify a mod or me. We'll take your request into consideration. However, your friend could simply ask me to add them into the main chat. If you dare add in someone that is banned, not only will they be banned, but you will serve a 1 week ban sentence as well.

3. DO NOT ask for an explanation of something and then get annoyed by it after it being explained to you. THERE'S A BACKLOG FOR A REASON!

4. You will get TWO strikes before getting removed. If you do not cooperate then you will be kicked. Basically, if you get yourself banned, you'll be banned from the chat for 3 weeks, and if you fuck up again, you're banned for good.

5. If someone asks you to stop doing something then please stop. Don't go on about it endlessly.

6. Please give other people the opportunity to type in the chat as well, it's a bit rude when only two or more people are talking over others.

7. For the love of all that is Holy, please type in complete, coherent sentences. Basically, if you spam the messages with one word, it can be really annoying and confusing. I expect better from people who have English as their main language.

8. Do NOT bring politics or religion or anything else considered controversial into the conversation! All it does is create a whole lot of drama and annoyances. You probably don't know it but topics such as that can offend people in the chat.

9. Don't tell people to shut up just for their personal opinions.

10. Don't bring up negative stuff in your life into the main chat. Chances are, you're really just seeking attention. If it's something serious, then you have your own friends to vent to. Honestly not everyone is comfy to know your life story.

11: No RPing on the main chat. It's happened in the past it most of the time it's annoying and exclusive. There's a small chat that only consist of RPing, soo take it there.

12.Stay active in the chat. If you're not interacting with people or remain inactive for a couple of weeks, chances are that you'll be removed. I dislike extra weight in anything.

13. Mods are NOT an exception to the rules. If you see a mod acting wrongly in a serious manner, then contact me and I'll handle it.

If you have any further questions, contact me or these mods of the main chat
:iconkigurou-enkou: and :iconyeagerd:
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Cirnolover9 1 day ago  New member Student General Artist
so how do you guys like my life meme
Cirnolover9 2 days ago  New member Student General Artist
why did you denied my life meme preview
Rumiflan 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It has no walfas in it, which is why we can't let it go to this group.

I hope you understand.
Cirnolover9 2 days ago  New member Student General Artist
it's a previe for my life meme
I understain
I just wanted to show my outline thingie
Rumiflan 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Preview or not, it can't go if it doesn't have anything walfas in it.
(1 Reply)
Cirnolover9 Mar 11, 2014  New member Student General Artist
am I still aloud to post there?
Anyone that hasn't caused too much shit in this club has any right to post.
It's just that quality is required and mods can be be picky sometimes.
Cirnolover9 Mar 12, 2014  New member Student General Artist
so that's a yes if the comic is good?
Wish I could add something, however, my walfas is acting up. Is there anyone here to knows how to fix problems in walfas? If so, I'd love the help.

P.S.: New member, 1st time posting. Long-time walfas user. Recently stopped due to aforementioned technical difficulties.
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